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Bonkers Blog September 2011

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2 September - Information Commissioner harassing Bexley council

Extract from Harassment Letter • 11 April 2011 - Postman delivered letter from police threatening me with arrest if I continued to criticise Bexley council.
• 12 April 2011 - Freedom of Information request made to Bexley council asking for the name of the complainant.
• 28 July 2011 - Information Commissioner informed of Bexley council’s failure to respond, apart from the initial acknowledgement.
• 2 August 2011 - Information Commissioner acknowledged the complaint.
• 25 August 2011 - Information Commissioner instructed Bexley council to answer the FOI within ten days of receipt of the letter.

Fred WestSo does that mean that by the end of next week we will know which of Bexley council’s many idiots went to Bexleyheath police station to ask a favour? I doubt it. With a track record like theirs they are going to find an excuse or simply lie. Will they be stupid enough to say they don’t know? That would be a bit lame, there would be no excuse for not having said that four months ago. No, they are going to have to be a bit more inventive than that but the history of complaints to our disreputable council has shown they can be very inventive indeed, even if it involves destroying the evidence. So we are going to have wait but some are already guessing. One of my more mischievous correspondents is backing what he calls “the Fred West lookalike”. I cannot think who he could possibly mean.

In separate correspondence the Information Commissioner intimates that Bexley council is being considered for its Monitoring Programme because of its constant failure to comply with the law.

The police right up to the level of Directorate of Professional Services has consistently refused to discuss the issue of that letter. The blog has continued, I have not yet been arrested. Bexley council despite getting close to abandoning council meetings (16 week interval between the last and next) continues to provide the ammunition to fire back at it.


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