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Bonkers Blog September 2011

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3 September - Cover up or cock-up?

This weekend is for catching up with correspondence so no lengthy blog. Recent developments indicate that Commander Stringer of Bexleyheath police may be trying to cover up what he has discovered about the obscene blog which could only have been set up by someone well connected with Bexley council. I don’t know for sure that the new Commander is following in his predecessor’s footsteps and I am at the present time giving him the benefit of the doubt, he could be presiding over a cock-up, but I am only too painfully aware that the police can be very corrupt when they wish to protect one of their own. As I said before, my family members know all about that and recently received an apology for it from the highest level. Police corruption cannot ever be ruled out when the establishment needs to be protected. Commander Stringer’s Crime Management Unit makes me fear he is tempted to follow that well trodden path. For those interested, most of the correspondence is available for them to consider and come to their own conclusions.


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