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Bonkers Blog December 2013

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5 December - At last a new Home page

Cheryl BaconThe long delayed complaint about Bexley police’s failure to charge anyone over Bexley council’s obscene blog even though they traced the source to councillor Peter Craske’s IP address has been sent to the Independent Police Complaints Commission. The main points are the eight months that elapsed between finding Craske’s IP address and deciding to apply for a search warrant for his address and the police admission that the case had been hampered by “political interference”.

Of more recent interest, the eight month old Home page has been replaced by another recording the lies told by Bexley council and councillor Cheryl Bacon that I and others were shouting and waving papers and generally making nuisances of ourselves at the Public Realm meeting on 19th June. It is a total lie and I was among several who said and did absolutely nothing. For those who have followed the story closely it is perhaps a bit repetitive but I believe that Cheryl Bacon’s astounding set of lies requires a more permanent and accessible record than a dozen or more blogs.

An accident of timing is that within minutes of completing that new Home page Bexley council attempted to answer my complaint about Bacon’slies. A three page letter from Chief Executive Will Tuckley complains about my accusation that various people have lied and threatens me with various things. I shall have fun dissecting his letter in due course. It has not gone unnoticed that he has answered trivial points of no great interest to me, but like Mr. Hollier before him, has done nothing to seek the truth beyond reading councillor Bacon’s false assertions.

Tuckley claims to have read Bonkers but is apparently unaware that I have emails from within Bexley council which support my contention that Bacon and her paid lackeys are simply not telling the truth. Bexley council rarely does.


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