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Bonkers Blog November 2013

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1 November (Part 2) - Bonkers’ readers are on the ball

Nothing went according to plan today so I have to take the easy way out and get readers to write the second blog.

The anonymous contact facility brings forth the occasional gem and I am convinced that some come from inside Bexley council. In fact I think I can detect one of the correspondents from his writing style. I could be wrong but just to make sure no one else is able to do the same thing I am going to rewrite one received earlier this week.

Good to see the top men at Kendric Ash - the company established by Nick Johnson's good friend Kenneth Mander and fattened up for sale through lucrative contracts with Bexley council that no one else was allowed to bid for - continue to thrive in Bexley. Who says crime doesn't pay?

You will need a good memory to make sense of that one; failing that click the link. Nick Johnson is of course the former Chief Executive who retired on health grounds on a £50k. pension which we are still paying, plus a £300k. golden goodbye, and a couple of months later took up a similar job at Hammersmith and Fulham on even more money.

Another contact form user, not anonymous this time, gets straight to the heart of the Cheryl Bacon affair

For Christ’s sake, why don’t they hold their hands up over the Cheryl Bacon affair and say sorry, we were wrong? Job done.

Exactly right. They should have admitted the mistake within days. Instead they cobbled together excuse notes which looked like they had been fabricated with the sole intention of covering Bacon’s backside and lashing out at members of the public. Now we know that they were exactly that because the control freakery at Bexley council is not totally effective. The lies are effectively proven and if the clowns in charge have any sense they will admit it. If they do so now the matter will be over, no one I know of is looking for a grovelling apology, just an admission that I and others said and did nothing to disrupt that meeting.

If that admission is forthcoming it will forever label councillor Cheryl Bacon a liar but if the council carries on as it is certain documents will go to the police to prove she is. She really shouldn’t have done it, and sheep elect people like her in Bexley because she wears a blue rosette. Frightening isn’t it? And in the past I did just the same!


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