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Bonkers Blog October 2013

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29 October (Part 3) - Bexley council. Offensive and unreasonable

I managed to find time yesterday to make a complaint against Bexley’s Head of Human Resources for accusing me of hostile, abusive, offensive and unreasonable behaviour for once using the word lying when complaining about Bexley council’s constant lying. And so their refusal to issue a simple apology for a silly mistake escalates to yet another level and costs another bundle of taxpayers’ money, the sole reason being to protect one lying councillor. Extract of email to Chief Executive…

In my first email I asked you to interview members of the Committee other than councillor Cheryl Bacon to get at the truth of this matter. I know, because I have relevant email correspondence, that my claim to have said nothing during the meeting will be supported.

Instead of making that most basic attempt to get at the truth you have allowed Mr. Hollier to answer my complaint by reference only to councillor Bacon's statement to Mrs. Tyler. A somewhat circular turn of events as I am sure you would agree. Councillor Bacon made a largely false statement and sooner or later you will have to accept that she did. Refusing to make further enquiries merely illustrates the endemic dishonesty within Bexley council.

Original letter. Index to blogs and documents on the Cheryl Bacon affair.


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