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News and Comment September 2013

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8 September (Part 2) - Flash, Bang, Wallop, what a picture!

Christ ChurchFrom a reader passing by Christ Church…

Those concrete 'globes' outside Christ Church in Bexleyheath Broadway always were an accident waiting to happen. I was there yesterday afternoon at about 3:15 watching the bride and groom leaving the church and go into the front church gardens where they were having some photos taken.

The photographer set about his business and needed to get a little further back so he did so and went headlong and backwards over one of the globe-stones and cut his face.

It was a nasty fall and maybe an expensive one with a fancy camera in hand.

The globe-stones have always been dangerous, especially for the partially sighted, because they are so low down and out of eye-level vision. We are used to kerbs and other common ground objects but stone globes are few and far between.

Note: Flash, Bang, Wallop, what a picture! Song from the 1967 Musical Film, Half a Sixpence.


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