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Bonkers Blog April 2014

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29 April (Part 3) - Who’s worst?

News ShopperTim MacFarlane of the News Shopper has, as I knew he would, soon dug out the reason for Baljeet Gill being fined by Bexley Magistrates. An assistant in his shop sold fireworks to someone under the age of 18.

A Welling shopkeeper once showed me a photo of one of Bexley’s underage test shoppers, he looked about 27 to me so these cases are not always as straight forward as they may appear to be. On one occasion actors playing drunks were sent into pubs to see if they would be served. It is perfectly legal to serve someone pretending to be the worse for wear with a beer or two but you should never expect Bexley council to be honest about anything.

StrippersWhether or not there is some political mischief going on here is of secondary importance to me, I’m more interested in what my Lesnes ward Conservative candidate has to say about it - see cutting taken from the News Shopper. You can be pretty sure that with Bexley council involved there will be some political mischief going on.

In response to the newspaper’s report that Mr. Gill took full responsibility for his employee’s mistake Kerry Allon asks “do you want him in charge of the council?”. I’d rather have someone who takes responsibility for mistakes whether his or other people’s than a man who looks the other way when a colleague lies her socks off or someone who campaigns for more expensive shopping bills.

What do you think is going to happen to the mayor and her deputy for their most recent little bit of law breaking? I’d vote for honesty over political expediency any day. If you agree, don’t elect Kerry Allon.



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