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Bonkers Blog December 2014

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17 December (Part 2) - Heras what a proper fence looks like

Photo 1 is what Crossrail calls an adequate fence. Photo 2 is what Keanes Ltd., the contractor demolishing the Lesnes Abbey Visitor Centre calls a decent fence. Photo 3 is what the Cross Quarter (Abbey Wood) contractor regards as being a reasonably good fence and Photo 4 is the fence that shields the old Civic Centre in Broadway.

Crossrail Lesnes Abbey Cross Quarter Civic Centre, Albion Road

Harrow Inn site, Abbey Wood HerasPhoto 5 is what Bexley council has told the Erith and Thamesmead MP is an entirely adequate fence. They say it is a Heras fence.

Photo 6 is one of the lower priced products from Heras. Maybe someone should notify Heras in case they want to pursue Bexley council for damaging their reputation. Bexley council is very obviously talking out of its rear end again. Or lying to an MP.


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