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Bonkers Blog December 2014

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23 December - Open all hours

The ASDA store in Belvedere has proved to be very popular, I use it quite a lot, though grudgingly. Two years ago I ordered Game of Thrones from Asda on-line because it was a pound cheaper than Amazon. They debited my credit card and then nothing. I waited a few days and then I received an email to say the order was cancelled and I would get my money back within two weeks.

I phoned Asda to protest because the DVD was still showing on their website. They said they had cancelled because the price had gone up but I could re-order at the higher price if I wished. Their call centre man was barely capable of speaking English and was possessed of very few brain cells. He had no idea of the law of contract and told me there was no facility for logging a complaint.

Asda I formed the opinion that Asda’s business ethics are those of a bunch of crooks and vowed never to use them again, hence my grudging acceptance of Asda in Belvedere.

Since then, at their self service tills I have once been short changed and on another occasion my purchases added up to £9.99 but the machine demanded £49.99. However both problems were sorted out without too much trouble.

Asda may or may not be a bunch of crooks but they certainly pay scant regard to any rules or regulations; maybe they have taken a leaf from the book of their official store opener, councillor Geraldene Lucia-Hennis; she of unlicensed strip show fame.

The manager of Belvedere’s Asda has decided that what is sauce for the Christmas goose is sauce for the gander too and is keeping her store open all night tonight…

…disregarding the store’s planning consent which curtails activities after 11 p.m. to protect local residents.

Presumably manageress Tracey Cox will have a reasonable excuse when she is hauled over the coals by Bexley council, that they turned a blind eye to Lucia-Hennis so why not her too.


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