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Bonkers Blog June 2015

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19 June (Part 2) - Blast from Bexley’s past didn’t last

I returned home past midnight after a long day away yesterday to find my mail box almost 100% occupied by messages from the Isle of Man. A lot of people were very keen to let Bexley residents know that things did not work out too well for their unwelcome export.
Mark Charters, who was Bexley’s chief social worker until this time last year has vacated his position as the Isle of Man’s Minister of Health citing “personal reasons”. He was regarded with suspicion while in Bexley and doesn’t seem to have fared a lot better in the IOM. He is frequently referred to as the obese chain smoker.

Plenty more comment on the Isle of Man Forum. References to his time at Bexley on a near £170,000 salary, his embellished CV, his all expenses paid jollies to his New Zealand roots, the employment of pals and the removal of history from the web under the right to be forgotten rules. No I don’t actually think that last one is there yet, but it should be.

Has his old Bexley post been filled yet? I don’t think it has. Obviously no great loss to the borough.


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