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News and Comment November 2015

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19 November (Part 2) - It’s official. The Cabinet member for Regeneration and Growth is an ignoramus

Beazley BaileyAfter Alan Deadman (Labour leader) declined the OBE’s invitation to deliver an alternative budget she shifted her attention to UKIP leader Chris Beazley who was ready to play her game.

He said that “there were alternatives which would have no effect on the green spaces in the borough and provide an income which would exceed any that came from the sale of green spaces. They are the sale of the Broadway shopping centre and also Erith shopping centre”.

He acknowledged the applause and no doubt felt rather pleased with his contribution; but not for long. Biffa Bailey landed her sarcastic knock out blow.

“I would just like to advise councillor Beazley, I thought he would know being a councillor, we don’t own Erith shopping centre, we don’t own Broadway shopping centre either.” Some Tories laughed as the Blonde Bruiser Kippered Chris.

MooreWhile Teresa O’Neill OBE (Oldfarm Birdlife Exterminator) relished the moment and moved rapidly on, councillor Beazley was busy writing notes and slipping them around the room.

It took just over 15 minutes for his scribbling to take effect.

To my surprise, maybe I hadn’t been paying close enough attention, Acting Chief Executive Paul Moore flicked his microphone switch. He hesitantly beat around the bush, but got to his point eventually.

Bexley council does own both shopping centres. He wasn’t keen on selling them but one point stood out clearly. Chris Beazley is more worthy of his £9,418 a year than Bailey is her £22,615.

The odd thing was that Bailey’s ignorance was not remarked upon in any shape or form. Councillor Deadman was wise not to take the leader’s bait. Even if he had come up with a decent proposal it would have been instantly dismissed.


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