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Bonkers Blog September 2015

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5 September (Part 2) - Bin fiasco updated. An OBE (Odd Bin Experience)

BinsIt was my bin collection day today and my brown bin disappeared. No one else's has as far as I can tell and to the best of my knowledge I am the only resident nearby to have signed up for the bin tax. Coincidence? Who knows.

According to those who have enquired, our useless council is going to leave everyone, gardeners who have paid their £27 or £30 as well, with no service at all until possibly as late as mid-October.

And then the idiots wonder why fly tipping is at epidemic levels.

It seems to me if you still have a bin and value it, put it in your back garden out of sight and ask a neighbour who never uses their brown bin and doesn’t want it - like mine - if you can use their bin. Then theirs might be collected instead.

I should have thought of that earlier.


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