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Bonkers Blog September 2015

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8 September (Part 1) - All crooks together

Will TuckleyWith the two most corrupt councils in London now linked by a Chief Executive who the police decided to refer to the Crown Prosecution Service for refusing to examine the lies told against residents by councillor Cheryl Bacon, wife of GLA member Gareth, it is time to revisit some aspects of the allegations against Will Tuckley and Cheryl Bacon for the benefit of new readers.

Actually some of what appears below is new to Bexley is Bonkers so hopefully those who have been following the story since June 2013 will not be too bored.

First some extracts of what honest councillors said, out of the dozen present, in written statements to the police. (Nicholas Dowling was the man with the audio recorder.)

I can confirm that at no time was there any general disturbance created by any member of the pubic, all of whom remained polite and orderly at all times.

Mr. Dowling was polite throughout, never raised his voice and did not put his recorder within six inches of Councillor Bacon's face or anything remotely similar, contrary to the statement by the Deputy Leader on BBC television.

Malcolm Knight sat alone at a table placed no more than five feet from the nearest councillor and said nothing, waved no papers and remained in his seat throughout.

All the members of the public were excluded [from the meeting] and not on an individual basis.

There is loads more in similar vein. Not one councillor felt able to provide a single word of support for councillor Bacon’s version of events. i.e. there was a mini-riot.

The council’s Committee Officer who organised the meeting and took the minutes made no reference to any misbehaviour during the meeting either.

On 7th July 2013 Bexley’s then Deputy Council Leader, Colin Campbell went on BBC TV to discuss the issue of recording council meetings. Ironically the programme included similar goings on in Tower Hamlets too.

This is what Colin Campbell said. Listen carefully, I am perfectly happy to state publicly that every single word in defence of Cheryl Bacon is a lie.

• Nicholas and I are part of “a small group of people with a history of disrupting meetings and being abusive”. So why were we not banned from attending council meetings?
• “The chairman went and talked to the individuals”. No she didn’t, she came nowhere near to me and spoke only to Nicholas Dowling.
• “They absolutely refused to stop disrupting the meeting”. As the councillors were happy to put in writing, there was no disruption.
• “A group of people were breaking up a meeting. It was quite obvious from the beginning that they were there to disrupt the meeting.”
• “We allow cameras already.” Another Campbell lie. My requests to use a camera both before and after the broadcast were all turned down. A Freedom of Information request confirmed that no one had ever been allowed to photograph a Bexley council meeting.

If it had been me who had taken the lead on seeking the prosecution of Will Tuckley, Cheryl Bacon and Lynn Tyler, I would have included Colin Campbell in the list of conspirators. Nick Hollier (Director of Human Resources) too for the part he played in it, but Mick Barnbrook decided otherwise. I was merely one of the four co-signatories to the allegation.

Teresa O'NeillOne must wonder how Campbell knew so much about the meeting. Just like every single supporter of the lying councillor Cheryl Bacon, Campbell wasn’t there. Those that were knew the truth and were never asked their opinions. They told the police that too.

Who could have told the Deputy Leader what to say? There can be only one answer to that. It has to be the Leader herself who approved Deputy Leader Campbell’s script. Teresa O’Neill OBE (Obnoxious Bullshit Espouser).

Following the meeting I made a complaint to OFCOM about the BBC broadcasting lies and sought a correction. They acknowledged my complaint and promised a reply. I am still waiting for it. There are few quangos as useless as OFCOM.


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