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Bonkers Blog September 2015

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18 September (Part 2) - Bexley’s housing crisis

Not entirely unrelated to Chris Beazley’ TV appearance are two Press Releases issued by Bexley council this week.

The first was the proposed tightening of the rules relating to the allocation of what used to be known as council houses.

The rules used to be totally unrealistic and left some people on the list for half a lifetime without any prospect of being housed. The 2013 changes were probably well overdue, but such is the current crisis the new regulations have already proved inadequate - if the aim is to keep the queue short that is.

So it is proposed that the residency requirement will be stretched from two to five years and that even more homeless people will be sent to Manchester.

Bexley council needs some opinions to ignore and has set up a consultation page.

It comes as no surprise that Bexley council has ignored the views of local residents and is going ahead with its plan to use the redundant Homeleigh Care Home to house the homeless.

TweetWith a government that fails to control our borders and allows rents to spiral out of control every opportunity to take people off the streets must be taken.

Whether Bexley council can be relied upon to put only ‘nice’ families into Homeleigh is another matter entirely.

Maybe Teresa Pearce and her team will find some answers.


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