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Bonkers Blog April 2016

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2 April - Some Councillors do not make good neighbours

There has been plenty of speculation recently that Cabinet Member Don Massey and his wife Councillor Sharon Massey no longer live in Bexley and that their business interests here are no more.

On the other hand, at the General Purposes meeting only a couple of weeks ago, Mrs. Massey claimed to use Old Farm Park which she voted to condemn to the concrete mixers and Don Massey has added a Sidcup address to his Register of Interests.
Larch GroveWhat is the truth of the matter? You can be sure that it will not be a perfectly honest story with everything above board.

One way to find out would be to loiter in Larch Grove for a couple of days and observe who is coming and going, but it is not very practical. A better idea would be to recruit someone who lives nearby.

Fortunately Bexley is Bonkers is read pretty well everywhere in Bexley these days and a new reader was keen to help out. She believes that 37 Larch Grove may be used occasionally by the Masseys’ daughters but except on the rarest of occasions, not by the two Councillors.

This is some of what she said…

I’m blown away with what I’ve read on your website. It’s totally outrageous what goes on in Bexley Council! I wasn’t much interested in the Council until January this year but that’s changed now.

One Monday morning in January, I was putting my bins out and saw a man at the end of my path holding a bin liner. He was instructing the dustman to take his bin liner but the bin man refused. My new neighbour said “I’m a councillor, take this bag”.

To my delight the dustman replied “I’m paper only mate!” That’s when I realised who my new neighbours are; Councillors Sharon and Don Massey. They are renting the terrace house next to me.

MasseyI can confirm that since January the Masseys have stayed in the house for only a handful of nights. They are just not really there. There are only basic necessities in the house. It’s definitely not a home.

On Good Friday their youngest daughter had a party with between 18 and 25 kids there. The house walls are so thin you can hear someone sneeze next door. The noise was shocking with no sign of Mr. and Mrs. Massey.

A family member knocked at 23:45 planning to speak to the daughter and ask her to just keep the noise down but she wouldn’t or couldn’t come to the door.

The party continued until half past one. We both had to go to work on the Saturday morning - very tired - and it wasn’t nice to see beer bottles strewn all over the front gardens that morning.

Riff raff from Danson has brought riff raff to The Hollies. Thank you Miss Massey.

There was no one at No. 37 until the evening of the following Tuesday, 29th March when much to our disappointment, girls and boys, 16 to 18 years old started turning up at the house in large groups. The noise was shocking once again. Outrageous for a Tuesday night and with not a care for any of the four houses in the terrace.

These houses are small two bedroom terraced houses.

By 23:15 we called 101 for advice. The police said they could hear the noise whilst I was on the phone and said it warranted sending a car straight round.

MasseyThe police attended and told the revellers to keep it down. Mr. & Mrs. Massey turned up 30 or 40 minutess later.

I am disgusted with the Masseys. They do NOT live in the Larch Grove house but last weekend they just allowed their daughter to party in a house they rent with not a thought for any of the residents of Bexley when it suits them.

I spoke with Don Massey later that morning. He wagged his finger at me and I had to ask him to lower it!

He wouldn’t accept any responsibility for the upset he caused the residents of Larch Grove. We have such a nice bloke running our finances!

Sharon Massey actually said to my daughter it was “laughable” to have rung the police and that the police had told her it was a waste of their time. I only rang the police for advice on the Tuesday night because of the level of the noise. It was the police call handler who volunteered to send a car round because the noise was so loud through the handset.

I’ve contacted the police to complain about Sharon Massey’s comment.

PartySo it seems that everyone’s suspicions are confirmed. The Masseys appear to be no longer properly qualified to be Bexley Councillors, however one can understand why they might be trying it on. The two bedroomed house was last for sale a year ago with a guide price of £300k. and marketed as an ideal buy to let.

If it can be rented for around £1,000 a month (I’m guessing) it would still be a bargain when there is £32k. of councillors’ allowances at stake.

The incident with the dustman tells you all you need to know about Cabinet Member Don Massey. Probably his daughter is only following in her mother’s footsteps. She is no stranger to parties which fall outside of the law.

Note: The message above is published with the full and unrestricted permission of the Massey’s unfortunate neighbour. Maybe she will be treated with a little more respect in future - otherwise you will no doubt be able to read about it here.
The strippers image is a Photoshop creation. Councillor Sharon Massey enjoyed the company of unlicensed male strippers at Councillor Geraldene Lucia-Henis’ Charlotte pub in Crayford - but maybe not cheek to cheek.


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