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Bonkers Blog January 2016

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There is no criticism of Councillor Maxine Fothergill in this blog.

16 January (Part 1) - Web Wars

The blog below is one of several relating to Bexley Councillor Maxine Fothergill and Bexley Council’s Code of Conduct Committee. This note aims to make it clear that the events reported between December 2015 and the Summer of 2016 whilst accurate reflections of various events, disciplinary hearings and sanctions brought against Councillor Fothergill they are individually insufficient to explain the whole story.

Two members of the Bexley-is-Bonkers team met with Councillor Fothergill at a secret location on 16th September 2016 where she explained to us what had really happened. She was able to convince us that she was the victim of a miscarriage of justice.

There were compelling reasons why Councillor Fothergill should be believed. It seemed likely that the Tory High Command in Bexley had taken revenge on her because Councillor Fothergill had reported one of their associates to the police for theft.

Councillor Fothergill requested that the explanatory note prefixed to relevant blogs (which first went on line a few days earlier) be further strengthened so that readers are fully aware that reported events, whilst accurate at the time, did not reflect her innocence and that Bexley Council’s charge of misconduct and “gaining a financial advantage for herself” was malicious.

This is a modified version of the note Councillor Fothergill asked to be placed here.

One of the subjects I discussed with @ErithLink (†) was the cyber warfare waged by Bexley council against Bexley is Bonkers. Mr. ErithLink is, among other things, an IT professional employed by world renowned technology companies for his programming and networking expertise. He has access to software tools that ordinary mortals do not and can analyse situations that I barely understand.

He said that the Denial Of Service attacks launched by Bexley Council’s IT contractors were poorly executed and not very effective.

However perhaps he spoke too soon.

Today the BiB Facebook account has been wiped off the face of the earth. There is no sign of it anywhere.

It may be an indication that Bexley Council does not appreciate Councillor Fothergill’s activities being investigated.

While my own estimates suggest that BiB may be read by around 5,000 people a month each visiting on average about twice a week, Mr. EL explained to me that that figure excludes too many things. It omits the people reached via Facebook and Twitter and the true figure is more like 70,000 a week.

I think that may explain why Bexley insiders have been saying "They really hate you".

So for now at least you cannot read BiB via Facebook. Perhaps if you run an active Facebook account you might consider including links to any blogs that take your fancy. If Bexley council is behind the Face Book closure they won’t be able to shut us all down.

For good measure, here’s another Fothergill related Freedom of Information request. I know of twelve so far, there may be more.

Please provide copies of all correspondence relating to any remuneration, compensation, or any benefit in kind, paid to any person or organisation as a result of the purchase of property by Councillor Maxine Fothergill or any other individual, which resulted in the appearance of Councillor Fothergill before the Members Code of Conduct Complaints Sub-Committee on 10th December 2015.

Index to related blogs.

† By the way, the beverage of choice was orange juice. Heads remained totally clear.


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