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Bonkers Blog October 2016

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29 October (Part 1) - Paranoia. Setting the record straight

Sorry to borrow one of Bexley Council’s slogans but BiB is occasionally on the receiving end of the weirdest of messages, usually anonymous.

One reader is very upset that the Labour party would go to the trouble of maintaining a website to “stalk innocent people”.

How many times do I have to state that Bexley is Bonkers is not backed, sponsored or in any way connected to a political party and certainly not the Labour party? Since I became eligible to vote in 1964 I have voted Conservative at every opportunity except when I happened to know another candidate well.

Because of that I voted Liberal In the late 1960s in a local election in Aldershot. (I won’t make that mistake again.)

In recent years I have cast two votes for Labour candidates and two for UKIP, again I thought I knew them well enough. Except for that I have voted solidly Conservative but not always enthusiastically.

StalkingThere is no way that BiB backs Labour and it stalks no one. If it is anything political it is an occasionally right leaning blog that reflects the appalling dishonesty and lack of transparency to be found within Bexley Council - which happens to be controlled by the Conservatives. I have come to believe, and have a fair amount of evidence now, that the leadership in Bexley is dishonest to an extent far greater than is to be expected of the average politician.

The use of the stalk word in the anonymous email is intriguing to say the least because on the very same day that the anonymous message came in another came from a regular correspondent. It suggested I take a look at Councillor Sharon Massey’s Facebook page, something I think I have only done once before, only once in the past few years that’s for sure.

I have never seen the attraction of Facebook; I keep my eye on the Crossrail and Thamesmead Regeneration pages but that’s about it.

So what is currently to be seen on Councillor Massey's Facebook page? Paranoia by the looks of it. Over the past few days she has done nothing but post comments about stalking. Why? Losing it if you ask me. If she is being cyber stalked it’s not by me. She gets my attention no more than any other vocal member of Bexley Council. If she said nothing her name would never appear on BiB - like several of her colleagues no one ever hears from. Ray Sams. Who is he?

To be honest I never give Sharon Massey a thought when not actually listening to her on a recording of a Council meeting. Someone who has met the Masseys several times because of, well I had better not say, told me that a close relationship is difficult because they always have to be seen as superior to everyone else. They may be for all I care, but no one, not even them, should assume I have any connection with the Labour party. Nice enough people but not since I was chucked out of their hustings in 1959 have they done much for me.


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