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Bonkers Blog September 2016

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14 September (Part 1) - Let there be light

While preparing the report on last night’s Transport meeting here’s a couple of things to be going on with.

LightingYesterday morning the sodium vapour street light outside my house was swapped for an LED unit. It only took a minute or two, I just happened to look out of the window at the right time.

When I returned from the Council meeting at about eight thirty, don’t the evenings get dark early now? and drove into Carril Way, or is it Carill Way? everything looked really dim and a moment later I had to fumble in the gloom for the key hole in the door. First impressions are not good.

However my camera likes it and there is very little sideways light spill. It’s not all that easy to see if the light is on or not when looking directly at it from an upstairs window.

At nine thirty on the morning of 2nd September, two weeks after the year old light failure in Abbey Road was reported, two men were fiddling with the electric cables feeding the Keep Left signs. Unfortunately they still don’t work.

Bellegrove Road Way Bellegrove Road WayThe Keep Left signs in Bellegrove Road probably don’t work either after being hit by a car yesterday. It’s a fairly regular occurrence since the so called Welling Corridor Improvement Scheme was commissioned in 2012.

Here’s another one.

In Sidcup, the Council sponsored shop Sidcup & Co. is to close; at least in its present form. It’s not all bad, it will be taken over by one of the traders who started her business there. Bexley Council Press Release.

Checked your proposed new Parliamentary Boundary yet? There is a nice interactive map on the BBC website. Just enter your postcode. I’ve been lumped in with Plumstead. Maybe I should move.


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