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Bonkers Blog April 2017

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Old Farm

23 April - In Abbey Wood either the train service is a mess or the roads are

It’s been three weeks since the last set of Crossrail pictures were ‘released’ and there are fewer pictures than usually in the previous two weekly sets. The reason is simple, I can no longer see what is going on, fences everywhere.

The eagle eyed may spot that a couple of cables are now draped on the overhead gantries from Church Manorway to the station but in the station itself there is only one place left with a view of anything, and a pretty dull one at that..

Abbey Road It’s possible that Crossrail has been progressing at a cracking pace, hard to tell, but something that hasn’t is the Wilton Road refurbishment, it started on 9th January and was supposed to be used as a training exercise for apprentices. None have been seen and the job is still not completed seven weeks after the target date.

Naturally it’s causing its fair share of chaos, none more so that over the past two weeks when Abbey Road has been blocked by three way traffic lights.

Throughout this weekend traffic has been held for lengthy periods for no very good reason. Greenwich Council’s contractor, Riney, could have spent 20 minutes clearing up and restoring two direction traffic flow before bunking off early on Friday. But they didn’t.

Progress has been pictured daily in Wilton Road and Abbey Road and the latest Crossrail photographs are in the usual place. The next regular lot will be deferred for a month but if everything goes to plan there should be a rather special set a little before that.



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