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Bonkers Blog December 2017

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9 December (Part 3) - Fake invoices or malicious fake news?

I don't want anyone to run away with the idea that all Bexley’s Conservatives are crooked to the core, because they aren’t. Not all of them.

You will be hard pressed to find anything on Bonkers against Roy Ashmole, the Beckwiths, the Bishops, Christine Catterall, Graham D’Amiral, Ahmet Dourmoush, the Downings (some people thought Alan was a pretty crap Mayor but he is a decent enough bloke), Louie French, James Hunt, David Hurt, the politically mouthy David Leaf, Rob Leitch, Howard Marriner, Cafer Munur, Caroline Newton, Nick O’Hare, Peter Reader, Ray Sams, June Slaughter, Brad Smith, Colin Tandy and John Wilkinson. To that list you can add Cabinet Members John Fuller and Alex Sawyer, at least I think you can add Alex. Not sure I like his two faced approach to motorists. (He says they are badly treated but preys on them like a money grabbing vulture.)

That’s 26 names most of whom I would happily vote for if they stood in my ward.

So let no one tell you that all Bexley’s Conservative Councillors have been up to no good, but some undoubtedly have been. Why else would they be so keen to shut me up?

The most recent Councillor to try to shut me up is Maxine Fothergill who had her solicitor send me a threatening letter last Thursday evening. That was pretty silly when I had already shut up about her and I do not welcome people intent on getting me into trouble with the law.

Bexley UKIP suggested that Maxine Fothergill was corrupt which based on the evidence they had seen was probably a step too far. But what do you think?

Not absolute proof of anything of course, but the following is a page of text correspondence between two AMAX employees.

Maybe they are disenchanted troublemakers but they are at the very least under the illusion that fake AMAX invoices were created and added to tenants’ bills. Like I got lumbered with paying for grass cutting which never took place.

They may have been making it up, on the other hand they might not and one of them is keen to get the story down in more permanent form, an email. I wonder if I can find it?

The ‘green’ correspondent below left AMAX in 2013 but thought what she had on her phone was so important that she kept it for two years before sending it to Hayley Warnes on 26th November 2015 to aid her defence of the fraud allegations.
Text exchange

From WhatsApp. Click image to rotate.

There is no proven link there to Councillor Fothergill. Who is Ben? Ray Robson will tell me.

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