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According to Inspector Knacker, being unfriendly is a crime

Bonkers Blog December 2017

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Old Farm

11 December (Part 1) - Councillor Daniel Francis, an easy winner

It’s amazing how the most disreputable Conservatives have gravitated towards Bexley, maybe it’s a case of a one bad apple spreading the rot.

The Biggest Apple reports critics to the police for err… “criticising Councillors” and then her disciples abuse the Localism Act by hiding their addresses. The Act allows a Councillor claiming to be frightened of an elector to censor his Register of Interests. When I last checked there were 15 Councillors across the whole of London who were frightened of their electors, eleven of them in Bexley.

Over the weekend someone noticed just how obnoxious some Bexley Councillors can be and remarked on it on Twitter.

TweetSidcup Bloke it must be said is a local Labour party activist.

A few people provided examples of insults. The insults were mainly sent anonymously from @bexleynews. I am biased of course but I thought I may have won that competition with “idiot” and “cretin” from Councillor Philip Read.

However the prize was rapidly snatched away from me by Councillor Daniel Francis (Labour, Belvedere).

Three See You Next Tuesdays and a Dickhead plus an implied punch in the mouth for good measure.


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