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According to Inspector Knacker, being unfriendly is a crime

Bonkers Blog February 2017

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Old Farm

2 February (Part 2) - A rare happy ending

Perhaps the most frequent comment about recycling services to hit my Inbox is the way that refuse collectors toss residents’ carefully segregated recycling material into the same hopper in the back of their truck. On second thoughts the most common criticism may be how they litter the streets with rubbish and carry on their merry way.

When the complaint is about mixing tins and glass together I have been known to excuse the practice on the grounds that not all the trucks are dual purpose, but that reason may be invalid now that we are a year past the date when the new vehicle fleet was supposed to have been introduced.

The last complaint about this issue was a week ago and one resident simply couldn’t get an answer to his questions out of Bexley Council. And no it wasn’t John Watson.

But now the complainant is very pleased with an answer recently received. It confirms his view that what has been going on must be wrong.

Two binsJust as he thought, his road is served by a vehicle equipped with two separate receptacles but the operatives have not used the facility. Their excuse is that some residents are mixing materials so it’s not worth them maintaining any distinction between the two. I would have thought that such a thing merited serious disciplinary action.

The correct procedure is to red tag contaminated recycling boxes and make a note of it on the in-cab computer so that regular offenders can be given suitable advice.

John Matthews is the man who has rescued Bexley’s reputation with his refreshing honesty. Maybe I should have reported the fly tipping and the unjustified use of two bins to him rather than his ineffective boss Stephen Didsbury?


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