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Bonkers Blog February 2017

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Old Farm

25 February - Buses stop being useful

At the Transport User’s Committee meeting in January it was said that TfL’s proposals for new bus routes to serve Crossrail stations would become public very soon and maybe that has in part already happened.

The from the Murky Depths blog has given a few details taken from a document issued by Greenwich Council. If Mr. Murky is correct it doesn't make for good reading.

Ideally you should read his blog but as Google Analytics tells me that most BiB readers are too lazy to click on links, here's a couple of highlights.

The 472 route from North Greenwich to Thamesmead will be diverted to take in Crossrail in Abbey Wood but the frequency will drop from twelve an hour to eight. Given the state of Harrow Manorway right now maybe that is not such a bad thing. It has been jammed solid for the past week and pedestrians take their life in their hands when trying to cross it. Drivers have become so frustrated by the horrendous delays that they ignore red lights. Six vehicles jumped the lights while I was trying to cross this morning; but I digress.

The 180 which offers the only direct route from Abbey Wood (South) to Woolwich from which it currently carries on to Lewisham is not going to go to Lewisham any more. Given the proposal to cease running the Abbey Wood to Lewisham train service (Bexley Council formally objected) this is clearly the height of folly. One can only hope that that there is more detail to come.

In the 30 years i have lived in Bexley, bus routes have become progressively less useful although in some cases the frequency has improved. From the bus stops I can see from my back window I used to be able to go directly to Bromley or take the shortest road route to Woolwich. The Bromley service has long since gone with no replacement and in the other direction the service is now less frequent and takes an extremely circuitous route. Allow yourself 45 minutes or do it in five (at twice the price) on the train.


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