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Bonkers Blog January 2017

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Craske saved

7 January - Bexley hasn’t got a fly tipping problem. Well it is what the Council says

If you turn a blind eye to a problem it will go away appears to be the philosophy of Bexley Council.

Steve DidsburyIt's three months since I spoke to Bexley’s Head of Recycling about the constant fly-tipping close to my home - though thankfully out of sight - and he said all the right things. I sent him some photos by email and the video he requested was delivered to him later that very same day, 11th October.

And what did Mr. Steve Didsbury do about it? Absolutely nothing as far as I can tell. He seemed to be quite enthusiastic about getting clear photos of the culprit and his vehicle complete with registration number but never got back to me.

The dumper was one of two who make regular visits to the same spot to dump their rubbish. The huge heap shown below was dumped a week ago and photographed today.

Bexley Council denies there is a worsening fly-tipping problem and Steve Didsbury twiddles his thumbs while ignoring it.

I told him about someone who is blatantly abusing the waste service with two green bins and he said he would get someone on to it straight away. Did he hell! Didsbury knows all about waste, especially about being a primary waste of space.
Fly tip

The black lump on the right is a fridge! On the left is a bed and mattress.


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