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Bonkers Blog January 2017

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Old Farm

27 January - No more Capital Punishment in Bexley, not in an election year anyway

The recent Cabinet meeting reports were of the Budget Review; another big part of the meeting is the Capital Review. Once again, Finance Director Alison Griffin opened the batting order.

She said there was a need to generate alternative revenue streams and to avoid or slow down costs, £83 million is to be invested in the borough in the coming year, very nearly half of it going on Temporary Accommodation.
Alison Griffin described it as “an exciting programme”.

Massey BaileyLord Massey of Rochester said the Investment Programme would be subject to revolving reviews as they extend over several years. He “commended” the planned investment.

Cabinet Member Linda Bailey “welcomed the programme”. She specially welcomed Councillor Craske’s announcement “and I thank him very much. It is quite pleasant to read a report which is giving out stuff. We have got ourselves into a position where we can spend a bit of money now and it is quite right and proper that it is spent on Public Realm. It is good to see something positive”. (For a change?)

Councillor Craske came back with “two points”. The Capital Programme will fund the new town centre cleaning vehicle and the “brand new Belvedere Beach”.

Sawyer StewardThe Cabinet Member for Yellow Money Boxes Alex Sawyer referred to the regeneration around Abbey Wood Station to ready it for Crossrail and in Albion Road. “Not without their problems” he said. However improvements would be made “borough wide”.

The LED street lighting programme is being accelerated and will result in a reduced electricity bill and safer streets. The programme demonstrates how the Council is “on the side of hard working residents and better days lie ahead”.

No other Cabinet Member or Councillor wished to speak so the vote on the Capital Programme was taken. Unanimous approval of course.


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