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Bonkers Blog July 2017

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Old Farm

9 July (Part 1) - Red House, Red tape, Red face

CraskeIf you follow local Twitter accounts you couldn’t get away from Councillor Craske and his tour of Bexley on Friday. The Carnegie Building, Crossness, Lesnes Abbey, The Red House, Danson House, Hall Place, a couple of colleges and a golf course. Why he did it no one knows, some sort of electioneering stunt I expect, but as someone who found himself flagging in Friday’s heat I can only say “well done Peter”.

His pictures of Lesnes Abbey attracted my attention because it was adorned with red tape. That’s new, or should I say a step backwards. After two and a half years of work I had hoped we were done with that sort of thing.

It was still there this morning deterring no one from nothing in particular, but over the past week half a dozen new coping stones have made their way on to The Skyline Viewing Point. It might be finished one day.

Something that is close to being finished is Belvedere’s so called Beach. The official opening is scheduled for noon on Thursday 27th July. See you there Peter!

Lesnes Abbey Lesnes Abbey Lesnes Abbey Lesnes Abbey
That’s all from me, I'm off for a day at The Oval via a torturous route thanks to Network Rail. There are no trains at Abbey Wood again today and at seven o’clock this morning there was no obvious reason why.


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