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Bonkers Blog July 2017

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Old Farm

10 July (Part 1) - Andrew Bashford’s Abbey Road claims another victim

Bashford CrashWhen my son, who has investigated serious road accidents on three Continents and is contracted to the EU, first saw what Andrew Bashford had done to Belvedere’s Abbey Road he said it was a recipe for collisions. Councillor John Davey merely called it Bonkers and both were right.

I haven’t always been able to get photographs of the wrecks but the first Abbey Road accident report was made in September 2009, just a couple of weeks after the crazy scheme was implemented.

That accident took place at the same place as yesterday’s (Accident Photos 1 and 2). The very same length of fence has been demolished. There are two likely reasons for it.

Either someone approached from the west too fast and misjudged the kink in the road at that spot and the unfortunate driver of the silver car had to swerve out of the way - it is impacted on the driver’s side too - or perhaps someone ignored the Keep Left bollard. It happens quite often and again the silver car would be forced into the fence.

Back in 2009 when Andrew Bashford told me that his road design conformed with the Transport Research Laboratory’s reports 641 and 661 - I have those reports and it most certainly doesn’t - he also said there had been no history of accidents in Abbey Road to justify his madness. I still have his email.

There is an accident history now.

Crash Crash Crash Crash
Abbey Road report.


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