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Bonkers Blog July 2017

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Old Farm

18 July - Coptefield car conflagration

I had pretty much given up on doing a blog today, it would have meant trawling through the Cabinet meeting tape looking for anything not too boring and there was simply not enough time.

From seven this morning until midday I was occupied by the installation of a new piece of IT kit and a big reconfiguration of the remainder of the network. If you think your router with four inputs causes a tangle of cable you should see mine. 120 ports, all but a few populated and with a wide variety of different functions.

Fire Fire FireThis afternoon I went visiting at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and on my way back remembered that the Linux computer had been left running. I briefly cursed my forgetfulness and imagined a fault which had burned the house down.

I was almost right, a few doors along two cars had been burned out. just after 2 p.m. assuming the image EXIF data is correct.

The neighbour who supplied the pictures had no idea how the fires started but confirmed that the only damage was to the cars and the fence. The same fence that Network Rail did their best to destroy and simply walked away.


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