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Bonkers Blog July 2017

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Old Farm

27 July (Part 1) - It was Sainsbury’s choice

I should probably get myself a personal Twitter account because yesterday I used the Bonkers account to send a complaint to Sainsbury’s - confusing many of you I suspect.

Sainsbury'sWalls ice-cream comes in nice plastic tubs which make very useful tool boxes. I have dozens carefully labelled and stuffed with screws, rawlplugs, curtain fittings, small tools and network plugs - which I seem to go through in hundreds. While out a couple of weeks ago I saw a family using theirs as lunch boxes.

They are £2 in Asda but I pass Sainsbury’s much more often so pay the extra 20 pence.

A month ago they were down to £1·50 so I bought two. It soon became clear why the price was reduced. Someone had allowed them to partially melt and then refrozen them. You probably know that what passes for ice-cream in this country is pumped full of air so when it melts it collapses to a much smaller size. If it has been melted and refrozen the gap around the edge and the tub not being full to the top is an obvious give away.

I bought another tub in Abbey Wood Sainsbury’s yesterday and it was back to £2·20 so I assumed they had flogged off all of their bad batch. Not a bit of it. I drove it home and within three or four minutes it was in my freezer. The picture shows how much it had shrunk.

I sent a Twitter complaint to Sainsbury’s thinking they might ask the management in Abbey Wood what they were playing at. Instead they said they would issue a refund and a bonus to my Nectar card.

When I told them that I had used my aunt’s Nectar card they did not like that at all. Their attitude changed completely. Apparently I shouldn’t shove my cash into their self-service machine and scan someone else’s Nectar card. Against the rules and because I had broken the rules I couldn’t have a refund.

If I sent them my address they would send a voucher but for a miserable couple of quid why should I? If I wanted Sainsbury’s to have my address on file I’d probably have my own Nectar card.

And I haven’t really lost anything. It’s no longer a two litre tub of ice-cream but it will still weigh the same.

I told Sainsbury’s it was a choice of refund to my aunt’s Nectar card or ‘go public’. They made their choice.

For good measure a Sainsbury’s advert has been placed alongside the site banner to serve as a longer lasting reminder. (Not in mobile viewing mode.)


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