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Bonkers Blog July 2017

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Old Farm

28 July (Part 2) - What’s his motive? What does he hope to achieve from a constant stream of nonsense?

I’m referring to Bexley Councillor Philip Read, mendaciously attracting ridicule to himself and the whole of Bexley Council.

On the day The Belvedere Beach was announced Labour Councillor Joe Ferreira welcomed the plans and asked that the design team be complimented.

Two weeks ago Councillor Philip Read said about the Labour opposition “they’ve been dragged kicking and screaming to a reluctant acceptance of it and their acceptance has been lukewarm to put it mildly”. 100% big whopping lie.

Philip Read’s been having a go at me too. Read has been obsessed with me ever since he wasted his money on web domain What Councillor in his right mind would do that?
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Apparently good news does not fit BiB’s agenda. Perhaps I should remind Read that the agenda is to report Bexley Council activities good and bad. If Councillors lie they are very likely to be found out. It is probably why they do it a lot less often than they used to.

Other than quotations from various Councillors at meetings The Belvedere Beach was reported on 16th November 2016, 9th April 2017, 24th April and yesterday. Among the adjectives used is ‘magnificent’. Not once was The Beach criticised.

Not only have all BiB’s reports about The Belvedere Beach been positive, I have ‘Liked’ Twitter posts by both Councillor John Davey and Peter Craske more than once each.

Despite that the despicable Councillor Read continues to inhabit the cesspit of politics.

ReadAnother of today’s claims is that those who label Bexley Councillors liars are the biggest liars of all. I suppose if Bexley Conservatives find that comforting one must not deny them their simple pleasures, but they have never been able to find a lie on BiB.

Theirs run the full gamut of trivial to extreme. Yesterday Bexley Councillors said that no Labour member was spotted at the Beach opening. Presumably they were going around with their eyes shut. Photos prove them wrong.

At the other extreme, who was it who lied to Bexley police to such an extent that a Bexley blogger was arrested and kept in the cells for more than 24 hours before a judge uncovered the truth? You’ve got it in one. It was that man again.

Let’s not beat around the bush. Cabinet Member Philip Read has to be an imbecile. Without him Bexley Council would for the most part come across as not too bad, at least over the past few months.


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