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Bonkers Blog June 2017

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Old Farm

2 June (Part 1) - This hypocrite says Bexley’s motorists are hard done by, and then sets traps for them

The photo below, taken at 07:31 on Sunday 12th June 2016 has been seen by an awful lot of people since it was put on Facebook 48 hours ago.

What the picture doesn’t show is that there is another Yellow Money Box just a little way beyond the Keep Lefts just visible in the photograph. Their extreme length and close proximity makes fine free progress next to impossible at busy times.
Facebook Sawyer
Another thing the picture does not show is the man who is responsible for turning Bexley’s roads into cash registers. Cabinet Member for Traffic and Transport Alex Sawyer, a man who has several times stood up in our Council Chamber and said he believes that motorists are given a bad deal.

What a hypocrite. I hope he realises how widely hated his pet schemes are. If every fine could mean one less vote for Alex Sawyer and his cronies next year, maybe Bexley would become a nicer place to live. 23,788 is a nice big number of people who now know something of Bexley Council’s evil tricks.

Do you think putting Alex’s picture on Facebook will reach another 23,000 or will it earn me another harassment warning from their ever-obedient police force?


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