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Bonkers Blog June 2017

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Old Farm

10 June (Part 1) - Teresa O’Blockhead

No TweetsIn the early hours of Friday morning I congratulated Conservative Councillor John Davey on his Twitter skills. He was probably surprised but he is really very good at it. (@CllrJohnDavey)

He can be witty, politically astute and occasionally wrong, but aren’t we all? Most importantly he is never rude or offensive unlike one or two of his colleagues.

Conservative Councillors were instructed to open Twitter accounts when they had their last strategy conference but Leader Teresa O’Neill doesn’t appear to have entered into the spirit of things. An account was opened for her but she has had nothing worthwhile to say.

Presumably the account was opened by someone who has some idea of how the system works because my Twitter account was instantly blocked; see below.

I was long ago blocked by Philip Read before I had a chance to take a first look at his output. I’m not sure why anyone does that, circumventing Twitter’s block mechanism is one of the easiest things one can do on a computer.


Both screen shots taken this morning.


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