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Bonkers Blog June 2017

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Old Farm

29 June - Who’s the tosser?

Every time BiB features litter and fly tipping readers have their own stories to add, but not always with pictures, which is a shame when most will be carrying smart phones, however I don’t have to go far from home to get my own photographs.

Tosser Rubbish The two rubbish pictures shown were taken yesterday. The site frequently looks like that but the current problem is exacerbated by Bexley Council’s failure to empty the plastics bin. It has been jammed full for more than a week.

This is the same site reported to the useless Steve Didsbury in October last year complete with clear photographs and video of a fly tipper caught red handed. Absolutely nothing happened.

I complained about him to Lesnes Abbey Councillor Danny Hackett who took a look at the rubbish for himself. (That’s the fly tip, not Steve Didsbury!)

Danny thought the two derelict vans that were dumped there more than eight years ago were a fire risk and asked two Council officers to take a look.

Absolutely nothing happened.



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