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According to Inspector Knacker, being unfriendly is a crime

Bonkers Blog March 2017

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Old Farm

1 March (Part 2) - Double yellow hazard

Fly tipping Fly tippingIt was really disappointing that after Cabinet Member Peter Craske hyped us up with his promise of determined action against fly tippers and what he called Tossers that his right hand man Steve Didsbury ignored the clear photographic and video evidence against someone caught in the act.

At the same site where Council bins are abused stand two vans. They are parked against a fence which was painted so long ago that it needs to be done again. The lack of fence paint behind the vans indicates how long they have been there. They are covered with algae and are used by the same man who Steve Didsbury decided to ignore.

The vans are on private land and used as a storage facility for the owner’s building company. Look closely and you can see the vans are crammed full of wood and junk.

The builder doesn’t live nearby, he has simply discovered a handy spot to dump two old wrecks which no one other than a few residents care about. Bexley Council is unconcerned because the vans do not stand on its land and the managing agent (Centro Ltd) similarly ignores their presence.

An impasse! Maybe someone should report the vans to the fire brigade. Crammed full of wood with more underneath they must be a a potential fire hazard.

Fly tipping Fly tipping Fly tipping Fly tipping


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