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According to Inspector Knacker, being unfriendly is a crime

Bonkers Blog May 2017

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Craske saved

11 May (Part 1) - Where’s the dentist?

MPsIt would be a brave - no foolhardy - man who placed a bet on this pair not being elected as Conservative MPs in Bexley. They are pictured here after handing in their nomination papers on Tuesday. Where’s the third constituency candidate?

I don’t know anything about either MP. No favourable reports have ever come my way and practically nothing negative either.

I know that James Brokenshire was in chocolate teapot territory when Elwyn Bryant asked for assistance when it looked pretty certain that Councillor Craske committed a crime against both him and me and without much doubt Bexley police did their utmost to ensure the Councillor was never charged.

Eight police officers are now in serious trouble because of that but we got to that position only because Teresa Pearce, the Erith & Thamesmead MP (Labour Parliamentary candidate?), helped me all the way.

The complaint against them is currently looking very good from my perspective but less so for certain police officers. Interviewed under caution!

So far in this election campaign I have not received a single leaflet except to say Teresa (or more likely one of her team) called but I was out.

Nothing from the E&T Tories which is only to be expected. Former candidate and spokesman Anna Firth is expunged totally from their web and social media pages and there is no sign of her replacement, the much rumoured dentist.

Do I care? No. It’s unlikely to happen but it would be good if no Tory stood in Erith & Thamesmead at all and Teresa Pearce was assured of victory, however the arithmetic makes that far from certain otherwise. She will need all the support she can get.

The dentist better not be a Remoaner or he can kiss goodbye to my vote.


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