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Bonkers Blog May 2017

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Old Farm

15 May (Part 3) - Tosser on the radio?

Katie PerriorI used to listen to BBC Radio 4 all day long until the old radio with string and pointer tuning recently broke but its replacement has presets which makes LBC easy to find. Obviously it goes off when James O’Brien is on and Shelagh Fogarty can be annoying too, but I usually manage to tolerate the other presenters without leaping for the off switch. Not always!

I have another preset for Talk Radio but the digital sound quality can be pretty dire - all digital radio is - and I keep forgetting to listen to Julia Hartley-Brewer who amuses me on Twitter. Now I am going to have to remember that I must forget to listen to Talk Radio’s newest presenter - or election pundit as she appears to be.

She is Katie Perrior, late of Bexley Council and 10 Downing Street. Do I really want to hear her issuing forth from my loudspeaker? I think we know the answer to that.


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