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Bonkers Blog May 2017

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Old Farm

30 May (Part 2) - HMO bullyboys

As I have said before, Newham Council issues a magazine not unlike Bexley’s every two weeks. It often reports on how it is tackling, not very successfully it has to be said, its fly tipping problem and also how it has taken a lead in prosecuting rogue landlords. The part of Newham I visit has become a down at heel shanty town which would give most Bexley residents nightmares. It is not surprising that many landlords have been prosecuted over there.

There has been the occasional prosecution in Bexley too, there was another last week, but Bexley Council is not doing a lot to improve relationships with landlords.

Landords believe the Council has made no real effort to consult with them and some have been considering a Judicial Review. A court has already ruled that such Council consultations must go outside the borough but Bexley has not done that.

There was the briefest of references to landlord regulation in the April 2017 Council meeting Agenda. It predicted in its Forward Plan “Enhanced Regulation of HMOs and Private Renting” (nothing else) but no one spoke about it.

The landlords report that Bexley Council has no idea how to implement a scheme or police it. Maybe they should send a deputation to Newham or start to talk constructively to the National Landlords Association. Bexley Council appears to know only about bullyboy tactics and be clueless when it comes to meaningful negotiation.

Details of the scheme foisted on landords.


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