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Bonkers Blog November 2017

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Craske saved

6 November - The natives are restless

ElectionThere is quite a lot of discontent with the performance of Councillors in and around Abbey Wood. On the Greenwich side of the border the three Councillors are severely criticised by everyone, on the Bexley side most people think there is only one Councillor and that is Danny Hackett. Dig a bit deeper and you will find he has his critics too. It is not very surprising to find residents keen to find alternatives.

The idea has a certain amount of logic in Greenwich where a Labour Council is accused of neglecting its eastern outpost. The regeneration of Wilton Road achieved very little and was not finished off properly. The gravel strip, always an extremely stupid idea has been entirely kicked away. None of the trees were given any protection either with entirely predictable results.

On the Bexley side of the border we have seen how the minority party is sidelined by ruthless Conservative control, independent thought is simply not permitted by Leader Teresa O’Neill.

Every improvement to the borough’s North West corner has come from outside agencies, Peabody, the Heritage Lottery Fund and Network Rail and two of those are not universally popular.

I was asked to be an Independent candidate by the local organisers but declined. Too old and too cynical. I have seen first hand how Bexley Tories abuse opposition parties and have obliterated every UKIP initiative.

" I also saw how much effort Mick Barnbrook put into Blackfen in 2014 with the intention of damaging Peter Craske’s ego. He failed thanks to the UKIP surge. As an Independent parish Councillor in Ramsgate he gets no support even for simple things like putting pictures of Councillors on their website and providing an ID card for when he visits electors.

The only thing that might send Bexley in a different direction next May is a big swing to Labour and In Greenwich the reverse would appear to be an impossibility.


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