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According to Inspector Knacker, being unfriendly is a crime

Bonkers Blog October 2017

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Old Farm

11 October (Part 1) - A whole year of uselessness

You go months scraping around for something significant to report and then everything comes at once. Attending five Council meetings in eight days takes up too much time and leaves very little in which to report them, plus police developments and a disabled resident who needs help but is getting none, or at least nothing useful. Goodness knows when that one will hit Bonkers.

Meanwhile just a little one for today.

It is exactly one year since I sent off pictures of a persistent fly tipper to Stephen Didsbury (Head of Waste) and he responded as follows the same day…
And since then not a single word; not even when Councillor Hackett chased him.

A couple of weeks ago I was seriously thinking about abandoning Bonkers, I felt that Bexley Council was better than it used to be, less dishonest, more competent and that they may have learned something from their constant exposure to scrutiny; but then along came Peter Craske.

How could any sane individual stand there, after I offered him compliments, and tell me in front of witnesses that he did not know who I was?

His idiocy showed that the thoughts I had about shutting up shop were entirely misconceived. Bexley Council is not reformed at all and needs to be questioned at every opportunity.

Hence this morning’s Freedom of Information request. I have asked for copies of all the correspondence relating to my fly tipping report dated 11th October last year which was complete with photos and video.

If there is not a damned good reason for why no one came to “advise you on developments” there will be a complaint made against Mr. Didsbury personally.

Well done Peter Craske, you had a hand in the reason for setting up Bexley-is-Bonkers in the first place didn’t you? You seem to have done it again.


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