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Bonkers Blog September 2017

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2 September (Part 1) - Erith Quarry. Not for your average Erith family

The first of the new houses at Erith Quarry go on sale today. Not cheap, definitely not affordable. Prices range from £400,000 up to £525,000. Clearly of no use whatsoever to the vast bulk of local families. You can buy a half share of the cheapest three bed semi for £220,000. Absolutely ridiculous. Buyers are having to subsidise the school that Bexley Council squeezed out of the developers as part of the planning consent.

Labour Councillor Danny Hackett is quoted in the Bexley Times this week.

Bexley TimesHe says that such prices are out of reach. He’s dead right isn’t he?

The only thing Danny may have got wrong is that he thinks Bexley Tories are not acknowledging the problem. It’s not just Bexley Tories, it’s all of them. I’m surprised the housing situation nationally has not yet provoked civil unrest. Even my own son who earns well above the national average wage has had to be given a financial helping hand to buy a 1950s council house way out in the Wiltshire sticks.

Bexley Cabinet Member Linda Bailey is deluded if she thinks the Quarry development “will benefit a great many local people and their families”. It will attract City workers with an eye on the improved journey times post Crossrail - and they are the sort of high spending residents that Bexley Council wants. All Councils actually.

A relative worked on development and growth in Newham until he retired recently. He said that “yuppifying” the area around Stratford and Forest Gate displaced huge numbers of people and the Council had no idea where they went to. The implication was they didn’t care.

It will be the same in Bexley. 30,000 new dwellings will change the character of the Borough. I am quite fearful of what I will see in Abbey Wood over the next couple of years. Traffic gridlock is more than likely.

Young local people setting out in life have every right to be aggrieved. Within three years of starting work with nothing I had saved enought money to buy my first house aged only 21. True I couldn’t afford to furnish it but it was a start.

In 1984 when I found myself penniless - long story - and moved from Hampshire to Plumstead I put down the deposit on a flat after wandering into a bank and raiding my Visa card for three grand.

The appalling housing situation that prevails in 2017 has been brought about by people like Linda Bailey vaguely “hoping” that things might get better while dismissing the protestations of Danny Hackett and countless others with similar social consciences.
Affordable homes

The source of this statement has been conveniently removed from Bexley Council’s website

There is no social housing available for rent at Erith Qiarry.

From 2015: Councillor Abena Oppong-Asare (Labour, Thamesmead East) put the case for affordable homes on behalf of the Labour Group of Bexley council. She was ignored as is to be expected. There will be no affordable homes in Erith Quarry because if the house prices are not kept high the developer would not be able to afford to build the school.


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