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Bonkers Blog September 2017

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Old Farm

5 September (Part 2) - Andrew Bashford continues his mission to make Bexleyheath a No-Go area

New homes New homesIt’s ages since I was last in Bexleyheath during shopping hours, there is simply no reason for me to go there and there is no quick way by public transport. However I was very much aware that I have very few pictures of the wrecking of Albion Road which I would be sure to regret at some point in the future. I also wanted to drop in on a long term Bonkers’ reader.

As a number of other readers have reported, there are signs of redevelopment on the old Civic Offices site in Broadway.

There wasn’t much traffic in Bexleyheath late this morning although the aforesaid Bonkers’ reader assured my it is often grid locked.

I don’t think there is much argument that reducing Albion Road from four lanes to two is an act of total madness, at least I have never heard any contrary comment from anyone either at first hand or on social media. Councillor John Davey would probably describe the scheme as “Bonkers” as he did a similar scheme back in 2009. However this time he cannot blame a Labour controlled TfL.

The pictures can probably be allowed to speak for themselves. Click for larger versions.
Albion Road Albion Road Albion Road Albion Road
Albion Road Albion Road Albion Road Albion Road
Albion Road Albion Road Albion Road Albion Road
Albion Road Albion Road/Gravel Hill Albion Road/Gravel Hill Albion Road/Gravel Hill
Andrew Bashford is Bexley’s chief road planning engineer. He has successfully reversed the downward trend in road traffic accidents and injuries.


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