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Bonkers Blog September 2017

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Old Farm

17 September - Bureaucracy gone mad again

I have spent three solid days creating a new website after suffering months of arm twisting. It’s going quite well now and automatically adjusts for all screen sizes without user intervention. Bonkers was designed when websites were viewed on proper computers and web browsers had little or no support for tiny screens. BiB uses a clumsy bodge to minimise the problem but it is far from perfect, the new site takes advantage of facilities that weren’t around when Bonkers was conceived.

Changing Bonkers so that the Mobile icon at the top left can be banished will keep me quiet for quite a while!

Meanwhile Bonkers readers are the source of today’s mini-blog.

The image below shows how a resident bought a parking permit on 25th April and two days later was ticketed.

A simple case of a database not being updated you might think and maybe it is but Bexley Council refused to cancel the ticket. I’m assured the car was parked in the right CPZ!

Innumerable complaints and four months later Bexley Council has referred the matter to the courts. Idiots.
A constant complaint of drivers heading to and from Thamesmead is that the pedestrian controlled lights on the flyover have a mind of their own. It’s been going on since last November - or was it the November before

Someone who lives nearby has reported the failure many times and occasionally the lights appear to be fixed for a short while. Last Thursday Transport for London told him that after many weeks delay they had been fixed again.

If they were the repair didn’t last long, I drove over the flyover in the early hours of Friday morning, no one about, but the lights went red right in front of me again.


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