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According to Inspector Knacker, being unfriendly is a crime

Bonkers Blog September 2017

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Old Farm

26 September - Booze Bobbies

The whole day has been wasted on revising Lightbox code (the system that creates the large image that pops up when you click the small version) so that pictures scale to fit the viewing screen; at present they can be too big.

It was a struggle to get it working but too late I discovered it only works properly on phones held in portrait mode. When I checked the code author’s demo page it was the same there. That’ll teach me not to check only on the PC in future.

Wilton RoadWhat else has been going on? Nothing much but experience says that total silence provokes enquiries.

Councillor Hackett who promised a good deal for Wilton Road before his ideas were hi-jacked by Greenwich Council has Tweeted (see below) from Venezuela or wherever the Labour party conference has been held this year.

The plan first mooted included a public meeting sometime between 3rd and 10th October widely advertised including posters in every shop window. There has not been a word since.

The BMW which was parked in Wilton Road for three weeks or more disappeared on Sunday or maybe Monday morning, just in the nick of time. The car that took its place was given a parking ticket, on the Greenwich side too.

It’s not just Greenwich’s CEOs who have been out and about in Wilton Road, the police have been on foot patrol too.

I have yet to see them which is strange because their Tweet (below) says they were there yesterday afternoon and so was I. From 2 p.m. until 5:30 inside a couple of the shops, but I did pop out from time to time. I saw no police but I did see drinking.

In both of today’s photos drinkers outnumber shoppers. The car with a PCN was photographed at 2:15.


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