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Bonkers Blog April 2018

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29 April - Me a Socialist? Pull the other one

Today was supposed to be a day off from blogging and 100% heads down on website redesign. I think all the main features are working in mobile friendly form now, heads over banner are back, didn’t expect to get them ready by 7th May, and scrolling windows too. That proved to be a bit tricky but in the end the solution was easy. There is also a search facility but I am not sure I should make that public.

So I am only here to answer today’s anonymous message, there is no other way.

I am accused of being “too Socialist”. What me? It was only yesterday that I was arguing with Longlands Labour and one of their supporters who are enthusiasts for Money Trees. “Free stuff is good” they said - twice.

TweetCriticising Bexley Conservatives for their constant lying is not being Socialist and the only reason you have seen Lib Dem and Labour leaflets here is because I have not received any from the Conservatives.

There is no chance of Bexley being painted more than 50% red this week but it would be good for democracy if Bexley Council was more evenly balanced. Presumably the anonymous letter writer has never been to a Council meeting and seen how some Tories abuse their position. Council Leader Teresa O’Neill has frequently said that whatever she does is supported by the electorate because they voted her in with an overwhelming 45:15 majority.

“Do you agree we should save as much money as possible to keep taxes low” is the sort of question that she puts into consultations. “Yes” comes the answer and before you know it, she has sold half a dozen parks. When the opposition complains Our Dear Leader says that that is what voters voted for.

Don’t believe me? That’s because you have not seen ODL in action at Council meetings.

Advocating the delivery of a big shock to Teresa O’Neill on Thursday does not make me a Socialist but Bexley Council should be made to change direction. It is too powerful, too arrogant and too dishonest.

Yesterday’s Twitter exchange with hard line Socialists who think free stuff is good does not make that argument easier. I am no longer sure that I will practice what I preach. On the other hand I don’t live in Longlands ward.

My one and only ward leaflet - sent in by a BiB reader yesterday.
The low Council Tax lie is repeated. Only seven London Councils Tax higher.

My anonymous friend thinks that the CCTV system has no business being under Council Control. “A bit too 1984.” The police should run the CCTV 24/7 just as they do emergency vehicles he says.

Depends on if they are there for crime prevention or public safety presumably - and Socialist Mayor Khan would have to find another Money Tree.


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