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According to Inspector Knacker, being unfriendly is a crime

Bonkers Blog February 2018

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Old Farm

6 February (Part 1) - The police everywhere appear to be off their heads

TelegraphNot only is a man on the South coast being considered for prosecution because he accurately reported that a local community group was claiming to be a registered charity when they weren’t but in Suffolk the police have been knocking on the doors of two residents who had the temerity to criticise their local Hadleigh Town Council. (Click image for the Telegraph’s report.)

That is pretty much identical to what happened to me in 2011. I was threatened in writing with arrest if I continued to criticise Bexley Councillors. Just what is this country coming to when the police can knock on doors for no lawful reason while ignoring a multitude of crimes they judge to be of no consequence?

The on-line Daily Mail carried the same story.

Former Town Councillor Tony Boxford, one of the two people said to have been threatened by the out of control Suffolk Police Force, said the officers had no idea why they were at his door.

I can tell him; it will be the same as happened in Bexley. Someone senior in the Council told the police what they had to do. The police probably knew they were on shaky ground but it would be more than their jobs are worth to admit the truth, so they plead ignorance when asked why they are doing it.

PanelMr. Boxford has said he will report the incident to the Independent Police Complaints Commission and so he should.

I did the same and they jumped on Bexley police pretty hard. Told them they must withdraw the threat and apologise. The threat was withdrawn but I have no recollection of receiving an apology.


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