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Bonkers Blog February 2018

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28 February (Part 1) - Not quite a metre deep or minus twenty!

Wilton Road Knee HillI met my Romanian friend Constantine this morning and I don’t think I have seen a man so excited about an inch and a half of snow covering our road and the slopes of Lesnes Abbey. He was heading in that direction with his brother armed with skis and a sledge.

He said that the temperature was minus 20º back in his home town with a metre of snow. As he climbed the hill he called back that he was hoping for more snow tonight. Well there has to be one!

I have given up on walking to the shops when it is raining because the puddles along a poorly surfaced Abbey Road (B213) ensure a good drenching. This morning I decided to extend that rule to snow, in part to see what the roads were like as I was wondering whether it was reasonable to expect a visitor due later to make the journey.

At half past seven I was surprised to see that Abbey Road (which runs alongside Lesnes Abbey) was totally snow covered with no sign of any clearance operation having taken place. With a scheduled 20 buses an hour I had expected to see a reasonably clear road, but where were the buses?

Twitter provided the answer, despite the repeated gritting promised by Bexley Council, in the centre of town buses were not managing to get out of Bexleyheath garage, or maybe the drivers were not able to get there.

Despite the snow covered roads they did not present an especially difficult driving challenge. Go steadily in a high gear at no more than 20 m.p.h.

The main danger is as always the clueless and the boy racers impatiently revving engines and spinning wheels. I saw one almost lose it at the right angle bend shown above.

Fortunately the sun and increased traffic levels came to the rescue and main roads were clear by mid-day.
Snow clearing No buses
Bexley Council says that the grit and salt needs to be ground in by traffic to be effective but if the bus garage is not well gritted much of their effort will be thwarted. Seems obvious so who slipped up?


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