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According to Inspector Knacker, being unfriendly is a crime

Bonkers Blog January 2018

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Old Farm

14 January (Part 1) - Saint Nick nicked?

It used to be the case that Bonkers would not report anything particularly serious at a weekend because the number of readers is much higher during the week. That is still the case, Saturdays and Sundays see only around 60% of weekday visitors. Despite that, over time the policy has been relaxed and news has gone out pretty much as it comes in with no regard for the calendar. Today things will revert to the old way, nothing too serious.

Christmas lights Christmas lights Christmas lightsIn my nearest shopping street, Wilton Road, the two Councils put up some modest but attractive Christmas lights. They are still there. Well maybe not quite.

One of the lights on the Greenwich side has mysteriously disappeared. Greenwich’s street lamps are on short posts which look much more attractive in a ‘village’ environment than the monsters Bexley thought were appropriate but the downside is that one bloke given a bunk up can easily reach them.

Tree Tree Tree BikeIn the same road the sapling that was wrecked by dog owners who tied their animals to the tree and let them go round and around it abrading all the bark has been replaced; this time with a protective guard.

Well done to Greenwich Council for fulfilling their promise to replace it.

And for something completely different, what sort of madness is this? Who in their right mind parks their moped across the entrance to Abbey Wood station, half blocking it? Presumably they care nothing for other people and nothing for their own property.


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