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Bonkers Blog July 2018

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9 July (Part 1) - Another interesting Register error?

The trawl through Councillors’ Registers of Interest brought forth a small number of interesting oddities but the best of them were all proved to be the result of sloppy transcriptions of the original documents to the corresponding web page.

The slightly amusing claim by Labour Leader Daniel Francis to be a Director at his own home was yet another transcription error which leaves just one slightly puzzling Register.

TweetIn January Adam Wildman Tweeted - with indications that he might come from the Kensington area - that he was going to be a Tory candidate in Bexley. He did so long before his candidacy was confirmed by Bexley Conservatives in April 2018.

Mr. Wildman is a Tory through and through, the Deputy Chief of Staff at the GLA commanding more than 2,000 Twitter followers. Big time Tories are not known for their scruples and Mr. Wildman showed none when he participated in Teresa O’Neill’s planted question stunt in April.

Why did Mr. Wildman choose a safe seat in Bexley to become a Councillor? Is he a local man and if so why does his Twitter banner show an ugly concrete tower block that only Sadiq Khan might consider suitable for Bexley?

Mr. Wildman’s 2018 Nomination Papers claimed that he lived in Flat 8, 423 Blackfen Road, Sidcup and he backed two other Conservative candidates for which he would need to be a Bexley resident.

Now that Mr. Wildman has become Councillor Adam Wildman he has yet another address. 12 Embassy Court, London Road, DA14 4EW. Well that is what it says on his Register of Interests but according to maps and Bexley’s own list of addresses there is no London Road in DA14. Another transcription error?

The most innocent explanation of the published facts is that Blackfen Road was a temporary address of convenience - it appears to be up for let again - but for Embassy Court to be listed in the Register of Interests it must be owned by the Councillor.

If recently acquired it is probably too early for it to show up on the Land Registry. Time may tell but one is left to suspect another close shave with the eligibility rules.



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