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News and Comment July 2018

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12 July (Part 2) - Two and two make…

Fact 1
Hidden in the midst of Bexleyheath is a triangle of land which no one but those who live overlooking it is likely to know anything about. Hemmed in by Church Road, Belvedere Road and the Bexleyheath railway line is an unused and largely unseen plot of land known as Burr Farm.

Maintained in pristine order by Bexley Council but permanently locked, used only by the occasional dog walker who has hopped over their back fence.

When Bexley Council was intent on selling parks Burr Farm was not even listed, the official reason being that it is a school playing field but it was a lame excuse. The school moved to a different recreational facility more than a dozen years ago.

Why are taxpayers required to pay for its maintenance but be denied its use? Officially no one knows, but one can speculate.

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Fact 2
A house with a perfect unblemished view over the park is 125 Church Road, the residence of one Teresa Ann Jude O’Neill, long time Leader of Bexley Council. Lucky isn’t she? A lot luckier than the residents of Old Farm Avenue, Sidcup who on O’Neill’s insistence will soon have their view of trees and grass exchanged for brick and asphalt.

Fact 3
Bexley has a severe problem with homelessness and to counter it has been buying up property left right and centre. More than 200 such houses at the last count.

Many query the wisdom of such practice claiming it merely forces up market prices and that it would make more sense to build more social housing but Bexley Council has chosen to do things its way. Certainly it makes no secret of its policy; until perhaps now.

Fact 4
DecisionJust across the park from the Council Leader’s house is No. 63 Belvedere Road. It’s for sale and Bexley Council has decided to buy it. They have also decided not to tell anyone the reason why. Most documents are labelled restricted.

One is left to speculate. For the benefit of the homeless? Doubtful.

Significant possibly is that No. 63 is right next door to the gated and padlocked park entrance, ideally situated for demolition and an access road. Could this be the end of Burr Farm? Bexley Council has a £37 million or more black hole to fill.

All that would be needed to confirm their intentions is for 125 Church Road to go up for sale before the news leaks out and house values drop.

I wonder how Bexley Council found out about No. 63 being for sale. Maybe it was a Councillor out canvassing who just happened to stumble on a vulnerable old lady. It’s been done before.


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