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Bonkers Blog July 2018

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30 July (Part 2) - County wide corruption?

FothergillLook who is out on the election stump in Horton Kirby or some such outlandish place beyond Dartford, none other than the Teflon coated former Bexley Councillor Maxine Fothergill. There is a by-election due.

The picture may remind you that there has been no recent update on how Kent Police is progressing the half dozen allegations which followed Fothergill’s admitted loss of one hundred thousands pounds or so of clients money.

That's a fairly easy one which to bring you up to speed; absolutely nothing has happened.

What about Michael Barnbrook’s report that Fothergill three times failed to declare her status when making planning applications in Bexley?

He wrote to the Chief Constable Alan Pughsley on 31st January (expanded on 18th February), received an acknowledgment two weeks later and then nothing. Until last Thursday that is.

Dear Mr. Barnbrook,

Further to my previous acknowledgements to you, I have liaised again with the Force’s Investigation Management Unit regarding the issue that you raised in your letter dated 18th February centring around allegations of false information being supplied by Maxine Fothergill for a planning application.

As a result, please be advised that the correct route through which to report such matters as this, is via the Public Standards Commissioner in the first instance with the information that you have. This is the most appropriate line of reporting at this stage and the Commissioner’s Office will then contact the Police Service if the matter is so serious or criminal that they are unable to act with the required response. The police service then works closely with them to deal with any potential criminality.

For your reference and use, I have provided below the details of the Public Standards Commissioner’s website which I trust will assist:

Yours sincerely

Ms. Sonya Gransden
Staff Officer to Chief Constable Alan Pughsley QPM
Kent Police Headquarters

Determined to look the other way and kick everything into the long grass aren’t they?

I accused Maxine Fothergill of making an almost totally false statement to the police following my revelation that the High Court found against her in a Libel case.

What did Kent Police do about that? More or less nothing. Absolutely nothing for three weeks until I chased them for an acknowledgment. It was very grudgingly provided along with a complaint that I shouldn’t have written but instead called 101 and talked through the complaint. As if that is a viable route for something of considerable complexity. Ms. Sonya Gransden is a very bad joke.

Since then, absolutely nothing.

If several years of inaction is not enough to provide a firm indication that Kent Police are ‘at it’ so far as Maxine Fothergill is concerned, the most recent development will surely confirm it. The documentation will need to be put on line and time is in short supply. Thursday perhaps. See you then.


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